Typical sales training initiatives are drawn-out, piecemeal, convoluted programs. That are presented by consultants, franchisees, professional speakers, or tech companies focused on some type of technology.

(We know because a few of our facilitators endured some of these programs.) Salespeople view these so-called training occasions as opportunities to take breaks from the field.
Most reps leave thinking sales training sucks because their real-world challenges weren't addressed.

Then, sales professionals and organizations quickly discover that it’s almost impossible to apply such cumbersome systems in their fast-paced, dynamic selling environments.
AXLE SALES TRAINING focuses on your reps and the human element of selling. It's facilitated by sales practitioners that arm your sales professionals with the Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach™:  An approach that accelerates performance improvement by altogether changing a salesperson's activities. 

It's designed to align with your business strategy and your team's unique challenges.   

Salespeople see the relevance and value of the Approach right away. They change behavior because they want to; it's quickly mastered and adopted. And there's an immediate increase in productivity. 

Your reps' sales results improve and long-term performance becomes more consistent.

Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach:  Defined

The Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach™ is a field-proven blend of sales and marketing activities.That enable salespeople to manage the buying / selling process. 

Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach:  What Salespeople Learn

  • How to operate like a profitable microbusiness to increase productivity
  • How to identify (no matter what technology reps use) qualified target markets to win more business
  • Investment activities needed to grow your microbusiness without cold calling
  • How to build insightful rapport with informed prospects; who will buy
  • How to make selling interactions your competitive advantage 
  • How to Brand your microbusiness as different from competitors
  • How to Position your microbusiness as a client-focused value proposition
  • How to hone client relations skills to sell more
  • How to project the professional image that equals more sales
  • How to set up a quota-busting lead generation network
... More Axle Sales Training Value 
Our face-to-face sales training reflects reality in a way other training methods can't. It delivers a real-time learning opportunity—no matter if you're a novice or tenured sales professional. 

Training not only addresses the challenges of a salesperson's daily work. It also builds upon a full range of characteristics that promote their success. Like attitude, confidence, perception, and professional image.  

Participants learn through enriched discussions between colleagues, exercises, and relevant real-world practice scenarios. Our Facilitators are sales practitioners who've been in the trenches. They always bring their A-game to provide a distinctive learning and development experience.

 Axle Delivers the 3 Rs for Effective Sales Training

RELEVANCE:  We conduct pre-training needs assessment interviews with folks at all levels of your organization. 

This is to customize and align our training with your business goals and culture; to determine your team's unique challenges and to establish the learning objectives.

Training is then centered on the Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach™.
Our vast sales experience tells us if salespeople don't relate to training it will be ineffective.

That's why we ensure yours is relevant for your sales professionals and your organization.
REINFORCEMENT:  Post-training reinforcement, in-the-field, is available for all participants. 

On any internet-connected device through the Axle Learning Management System™. 

Learners can review all training material, take quizzes, and record real-time sales results. 

Your reps' fingertip access to our learning reinforcement tools provides a convenient refresher. And a powerful guard against reverting to old habits.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI):  At Axle, we realize training budgets are being squeezed. That's why your return on investment (ROI) is as important to us, as it is to you. 

We take pride in knowing our training delivers improved, sustainable sales results. That show a strong ROI for clients.

And that our effectiveness assessments measure and continually prove it. 

When all is said and done, the result is Axle Sales Training effects real change for your salespeople, your sales team, and your business.

The Bottom Line 

Sales professionals must engage in the right activities to close more deals. And they must have superior sales skills to consistently win customers from the competition. No matter what product or service the team sells, or the technology they use.
Professional B2B selling is still about people and the human-to-human things top sellers do best, such as build relationships and influence one-on-one interactions.
During Axle Sales Training salespeople learn the Axle 60/20/20 Sales Approach™ and the human elements of selling. Your reps effectiveness improves and sales numbers increase and together they become a consistent, high-performing sales team.

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