Speaking Engagements


Our Facilitators are practitioners—top performers. They frequently conduct conference sessions, meetings, workshops, and seminars on a variety of topics, including: sales, business, motivation, and team building. Engagements are 45 to 90 minutes, include practical, immediately applicable work tools—and can be tweaked to correspond with the theme of your event. Some of our most popular sessions are these:
Technology Can't Touch This: The People Element of Selling

Technology has disrupted many phases of the traditional sales process. But one aspect of selling that it can’t touch is the people element. Those human-to-human things top sellers do best: build relationships and influence one-on-one interactions. And it’s vital your reps have superior sales skills to consistently win customers from the competition. No matter what product or service the team sells, or the technology they use. This session presents the human (and much overlooked) sales skills your reps need to become top performers in today’s technology-driven selling environment.

The 7 Deadly Networking Sins...and How to Avoid Them 

Good business is about networking and building relationships. Chances are you've committed one or more of the 7 deadly networking sins that have sabotaged your efforts—and don't even realize it. Most business people have a common goal at networking functions: Shake a lot of hands (tell as many people as possible about your product or service) and collect a bunch of cards. But effective business networking is something very different. It’s about leveraging the right connections to bring a regular supply of new business. And it begins by avoiding the 7 deadly sins and employing the right approach. After this interactive session you’ll be ready-to-go at your next networking function. You'll be able to:

1. Identify the 7 deadly networking sins.
2. Describe the role the right networking approach plays in generating new business. 
3. Apply a highly-effective networking approach.

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